Release Notes

DocFinderTab 1.0.2


You can use the Doc tab to ask Zope for documentation about its objects.

This product makes Dieter Maurer's DocFinder available from a ZMI management tab.

DocFinder's introspection capabilities make it an important part of the Zopista's toolbox:

By default, DocFinder will extract the following information from a Zope object:

DocFinder treats docstrings as structured text. This allows you to put nicely formatted documentation right into the source files, while having it instantly availabe TTW.


The information is presented in a tree. You can expand/collapse individual nodes by clicking the plus/minus icons.

To enjoy the full functionality of the controls you should have cookies and JavaScript enabled.


You can specify a regular expression that will be used to filter attribute names. Hit the return key to submit the form.

When a filter is set, clicking the blue X control will clear the filter string.


In expert mode DocFinder returns additional information of interest to the Python programmer. This includes:

Permission Names

Since Zope 2.7 DocFinder returns the names of permissions protecting individual attributes.

In earlier versions you had to start Zope with ZOPE_SECURITY_POLICY set to PYTHON to see the permission names.

If no permission name is available, DocFinder will indicate the presence of explicit security declarations for the respective attributes (expert mode only).


You can control access to the Doc tab via the View documentation permission.